Shopping Centers

The magic of Christmas Queen in malls thanks to our exclusive lights, Christmas decoration and details. We work with enthusiasm to draw smiles both large and small!
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As Christmas Lighting professionals, we take care of the design and the entire decoration of a wide range of business. Delivering an amazing decoration is our highest priority and we take care of all the details. We produce festive decorations that are imaginative, unique and glamorous, ensuring our solutions help each location stand out from the [...]
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We create ilusions and emotions through the light. We believe in the power of the design and great ideas to decorate any space or business with Christmas motifs and the unmistakable magic of Christmas.
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Comprehensive Solutions

As Illumination and Christmas decoration experts, Fabregat envisages solutions for very diverse types of businesses. Natural environments, restaurants, car dealers, hotels, retailers, shopping centres...
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Christmas Markets

Fabregat brings more than 20 years delivering lights and colors to Christmas markets. We design decorations and special lighting for these unique spaces. Lights and ornaments are specially projected to revive the illusion.
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Shows for Kids

To illuminate spaces for shows dedicated to children is a great challenge but we have and expert team in decoration to which would not stand up to any show for children. Shows are loaded with emotions, colors and light.
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Leveraging off exclusive designs and customized projects, we prepare a different decoration for each hotel according to its style and personality. We even make them magical! Guests will feel the magic of Christmas thanks to Fabregat.
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Restaurants & Wineries

We design projects for restaurants and hospitality businesses of all kinds, filled with lights and ornaments specially created for each ocassion.
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Natural Spaces

In complete harmony with the environment we design projects to transform natural landscapes into magical Christmas landscapes.
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Car Dealers

The sale and purchase of cars can also become a magical space. We are experts in finding the perfect solution for all kinds of shops, including car dealers and any specialist shop.
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At certain times of the year, shopping is a real adventure. Among our services we also decorate large surface areas, illuminating every corner of the shop to accompany your clients in their search for last minute gifts.
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Stores & Jewelleries

The jewels have their own light, but what if we provide, in addition, a Christmas light? We install our magic lights and our best decoration in glamorous and luxury stores.
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